28.2% of all applications for State Guaranteed Loans (PGE) have come from Crédit Agricole customers

Crédit Agricole supports its corporate, professional, and agricultural customers in re-starting their activity as quickly as possible.

Since the State guaranteed loan went into effect:

  • 163,348 State Guaranteed Loans (PGE) have been requested by customers of Crédit Agricole’s Regional Banks, LCL, and CACIB, for a total of €24.5 billion.

2.18% of these requests are not eligible for a state guaranteed loan. Crédit Agricole is helping these customers search for alternative solutions to surmount the crisis.

  • 557,320 loans covering all industries are currently on hiatus, totalling €4.2 billion in deferred maturities, 345,249 of which concern companies, professionals, and farmers, for a total of €3.6 billion.