Deputy General Manager, Head of Specialised Financial Services

CEO of Credit Agricole Consumer Finance

Stéphane Priami spent the first third of his career working for commercial banks: for five years at Banque Populaire from 1982, then for two years at Crédit Agricole Ile-de-France from 1987. He spent the next third of his career, starting in 1989, at Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole (CNCA): two years as Business Customer Support, five years at the Inspectorate General and two years as Distribution Channels Manager. Stéphane Priami has divided the last third of his career, as a company executive, between the Aquitaine and Savoie Regional Banks. He started in Aquitaine in 1999 as Head of Marketing, Communications and Remote Banking, then as Chief Financial Officer, then as Head of Distribution. He also contributed to the successful amalgamation of three Regional Banks in Aquitaine. In 2003, Stéphane Priami was appointed Deputy CEO in charge of development in Savoie. Stéphane joined LCL as Head of Compliance in September 2009. In November 2009, he was appointed Head of the new Technology and Real Estate Division, formed from the Real Estate and Logistics, Project Development and Processes and Banking IT Services and Technology. On 11 October 2011 Stéphane Priami became a member of the Executive Committee and expanded his remit to include purchases and payments.

Stéphane Priami graduated from France’s Technical Banking Institute (ITB) and went on to lecture there. He is also the author of two books on banking: Les opérations bancaires à l’international published by Banque Editeur, and La banque - fonctionnement et stratégie, published by Economica.