Crédit Agricole Group supports the development of organic farming

As the leading bank for farmers, Crédit Agricole is a partner of all types of farming. With this in mind, it is structuring its specific approach around organic farming with the aim of meeting the needs of farmers whether they are transitioning, setting up or already established in organic farming.

Crédit Agricole is a partner of all types of farming

As the bank of choice for eight out of ten farmers, Crédit Agricole provides financing and support for agricultural production and projects regardless of the target markets. The Group offers a comprehensive range of offerings and services developed specifically to meet farmers’ needs. It provides support in the management, development and securing of their activities, from installation through to transmission.

The Group's expertise in supporting organic farming

Over the last ten years, Crédit Agricole has been working closely with its organic farmer customers. Organic farmers setting up or converting all or some of their operations have specific financing and insurance requirements.

Based on initiatives implemented by the regional banks, Crédit Agricole is structuring its organic farming support activities around four key services:

  1. Offering flexible financing solutions in support of farmers setting up organic farms or converting their existing farms:
  • Financing solutions entailing full or partial deferral of repayment to finance the operational cycle and offset shortfalls during the transitioning period.
  • Solutions for financing the adaptation of equipment and agricultural materials to the change in operating method with full or partial deferral of repayment.
  1. Facilitating direct sales with mobile payment collection solutions:
  • Payment acceptance by card via smartphone or tablet using Smart TPE. Solutions that are adapted for all payment situations: markets, remote selling, year-round or on a one-off basis.
  1. Protection against loss of revenue due to weather conditions:
  • Tailored insurance offerings (crop, meadow and hail insurance) for organic farmers for whom climate risks have a bigger impact on their yield. Objective: ensure the farm's continuity of operation.
  1. Provide visibility on production:
    • A loan offering specifically for information communication and advertising: press coverage, open days, events, creation of brochures, flyers, etc.
    • E-commerce packs to help improve online visibility (platform for the creation and management of information and commercial websites).


Key figures for organic farming in France[1]

  • The French market is worth €8.4bn, and growing steadily (+17% in one year)
  • 1.8 million hectares, the third largest in the European Union
  • Roughly 37,000 organic farms (+13% in one year)
  • 71% of the organic products consumed in France are made in France
  • Nine out of ten French people already consume organic products
  • Seven out of ten French people eat organic products at least once a month
  • 15% of French people eat organic products every day

Objectives of the “Ambition Bio 2022” government programme:

  • 15% of usable agricultural land in France to be used for organic farming
  • 20% organic products to be used in public sector catering





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