Crédit Agricole is launching a €200 million investment fund focused on the transition of energy, agriculture and agri-food systems

The Crédit Agricole Group has announced the creation of CA Transitions, the first fund dedicated to the transition of energy, agriculture and agri-food systems launched by a bank in its own name. This will consolidate its position as the leading bank supporting the transition across its local areas.

Crédit Agricole is launching a €200 million investment fund focused on the transition of energy, agriculture and agri-food systems

The CA Transitions fund will support the development of small, medium and intermediate-sized firms and cooperatives that are adopting these new systems. It will be managed by IDIA Capital Investissement, Crédit Agricole Group’s specialised investment management subsidiary, which has recognised expertise in the cooperative, agri-food and energy sectors. The aim is for Crédit Agricole’s Regional Banks and the Crédit Agricole S.A. Group to raise €200 million for the fund.

Already a leader in agriculture, agri-food and local business financing, and the leading banking player in the energy transition, the Crédit Agricole Group has provided support for the changes taking place in these sectors from the very beginning.

Bertrand Corbeau, Deputy General Manager of Crédit Agricole S.A., commented: “The strength of our Group lies in its significant capability to support progress and its local relationships: our role is to accelerate the energy transition and to use our expertise to help our clients change their business models.”

This fund has been created by IDIA Capital to support the increase in funding required for the transition taking place in the energy, agriculture and agri-food sectors, which are undergoing a transformation in order to meet the needs of society.

Specifically, the equity investments made by the CA Transitions fund will support:

  • companies in the energy transition sector, in particular, by targeting the production of renewables, energy efficiency in buildings, intelligent energy storage and distribution networks or materials recycling and recovery;
  • cooperatives and agri-food companies undertaking a transition, which are committed to delivering improvements in a number of areas, such as the sustainability of their supply chains, water and energy management, and waste processing, etc.;
  • companies engaged in facilitating the transition of the agicultural and agri-food sector, by offering products and services to farmers and processing companies. This includes, for example, precision agriculture technologies, or solutions facilitating the development of short food supply chains.

The fund will also focus on small, medium and intermediate-sized firms and cooperatives, to which it will offer, in co-investments with one of the Crédit Agricole Group’s Regional Private Equity Companies, financing of between €1 million and €20 million over a period of 5-10 years.

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IDIA Capital Investissement is the private equity arm of Crédit Agricole S.A. It takes minority stakes in small, medium and intermediate-sized firms in all sectors of the economy, leveraging recognised expertise in the agri-food, wine, energy transition, healthcare and tourism sectors.

IDIA Capital Investissement also provides management of the Crédit Agricole Group’s real estate, forestry and wine entities and monitoring of Crédit Agricole S.A.’s investments in specific funds. IDIA Capital Investissement (through its vehicles CARD, CA Grands Crus, Grands Crus Investissements, IDIA Participations and SOFIPAR, etc.) manages funds totalling €1.5 billion. The target investment is between €1 million and €50 million. IDIA is a portfolio management company approved by the AMF under number GP-15000010

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