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CPR AM strengthens its thematic range with the launch of CPR Invest – Circular Economy

CPR AM, a subsidiary of the largest European asset manager Amundi, launches CPR Invest – Circular Economy[1], an actively managed[2] global thematic equity fund which aims to support the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy.

The fund adopts a multi-sector investment approach covering the entire circular ecosystem throughout the life cycle of a product. The fund thus aims to support the necessary development of economic models more suited to environmental issues such as global warming, the scarcity of natural resources and the loss of biodiversity.

CPR Invest – Circular Economy is managed by Stéphane Soussan and Anne Le Borgne, Thematic Equity portfolio managers within the Thematic Equities team at CPR AM. The fund extends CPR AM’s thematic range, which already brings together 13 investment themes representing more than €18 billion in assets[3].

  1. ^ [1] First net asset value on 14 December 2022
  2. ^ [2] Managed without reference to an index
  3. ^ [3] As at 31 December 2022
CPR AM strengthens its thematic range with the launch of  CPR Invest – Circular Economy

The launch of the fund is based on the premise that the linear economic model is no longer sustainable from an environmental point of view. Based on the Extract – Manufacture – Consume – Discard scheme, it puts pressure on natural resources and biodiversity, fueling an uninterrupted increase in greenhouse gas emissions. A consensus is emerging on the need to foster a virtuous circularity based on sharing, reusing, disassembling, repairing and recycling products.

The fund invests in companies that adopt circular production and/or consumption models, or that offer circular economy solutions to producers and consumers.

The stocks that make up the investment universe (about 370 at the launch date[1]) are divided into four segments reproducing the entire life cycle of a product:

  • Circular supplies (bio-based materials, insulation products, green chemicals, renewable energies…)
  • Circular industry (precision agriculture, non-plastic packaging, electric mobility, production efficiency…)
  • Responsible consumption (organic food and alternative proteins, sharing economy…)
  • Resource recovery (waste and water management)

Exclusion filters complete the investment scope on the basis of ESG ratings (internal to the Amundi group) and the monitoring of controversies (from external providers).

The management of CPR Invest – Circular Economy is constrained to reduce the carbon intensity and the biodiversity footprint of the portfolio compared to the levels of the investment universe.

Vafa Ahmadi, Managing Director, Head of Global Thematic Equities at CPR AM, commented: « The launch of the fund is part of a dynamic that is very favorable to the theme of the circular economy. The European “Green New Deal”, carbon taxes and quotas, or the limitation of plastic are, in fact, all incentives for companies to rethink their productive processes and to strengthen responsible consumption practices. We offer our clients the opportunity to invest in the advent of a more resilient economic system, set to become more widespread and offering growth opportunities across the entire value chain of a product. »  

This launch is in line with the commitments of the Crédit Agricole group – of which Amundi and its subsidiary CPR AM are part.

Synthetic information to be completed by the consultation of the legal documents for the fund. Any subscription is made on the basis of the most recent Key Information Document (KID) PRIIPs and prospectus which contain essential information regarding the fund. Not all share classes or units and, as the case may be, share categories are registered for sale in all countries. Investors may contact CPR Asset Management for further information.
Last update: 01/01/2023
(1) The comparison of the net assets of the share and the Reference Asset (as defined in the prospectus) is carried out over an observation period of maximum five years. The performance fee represents the difference between the net asset of the share (before deduction of the performance fee) and the Reference Asset if, the difference is positive, and if the relative performance of the share class compared to the Reference Asset is positive or nil, since the beginning of the performance observation period. Past underperformances over the last 5 years should be clawed back before any new accrual of performance fee. The anniversary date corresponds to the day of calculation of the last net asset value in July.

Important information:
This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the prospectus / information document and to the KIID before making any final investment decisions.
This document is intended solely for the attention of journalists and professionals of the press/media sector. The information contained herein is provided solely to enable journalists, media professionals and media to have an overview of the topic and whatever use they make, which is exclusively for independent editorial, Amundi assumes no responsibility. The information in this document is as at 1 March 2023 except where otherwise stated. This material is based on sources that Amundi considers to be reliable at the time of publication. Data, opinions and analysis may be changed without notice.
A summary of information about investors’ rights and collective redress mechanisms can be found in English on the regulatory page at https://about.amundi.com/Metanav-Footer/Footer/Quick-Links/Legal-documentation.
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  1. ^ [1] The universe may change over time

CPR AM is a management company approved by the AMF [French Financial Markets Regulator], and is a 100% autonomous subsidiary of Amundi. CPR AM is exclusively dedicated to management on behalf of third parties (institutional, corporate, insurance, private banks, fund managers and wealth professionals). CPR AM covers the main asset classes (shares, convertibles, diversified assets, fixed income and credit).

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  2. ^ [2] Amundi data as at 31/12/2022
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