Bienvenue à la Ferme and Crédit Agricole sign a partnership agreement for short food supply chain and agritourism development

On Wednesday 27 February, Bienvenue à la Ferme (Welcome to the Farm) and Crédit Agricole signed a partnership agreement during the 2019 Salon International de l’Agriculture trade fair. The agreement aims to provide farmers with the support and tools needed to develop their agritourism and short-circuit food sales activities and comes at a time of increasing connectivity and rapid changes in consumer behaviour.

This partnership meets Crédit Agricole’s objective of providing extensive support to farmers in diversifying their revenue streams through a comprehensive offering. In practical terms, its priorities are as follows:

  • Preferential tariffs for members of the Bienvenue à la Ferme network:
    • An electronic payment solution tailored to direct selling that makes it easier to receive payments, whether on the farm or while away at markets or events, through contactless or phone payments, will be offered at special prices for Bienvenue à la Ferme label members.
  • Enhanced cooperation between the Bienvenue à la Ferme and Crédit Agricole territorial networks:
    • Crédit Agricole offers Bienvenue à la Ferme its electronic banking expertise to support training provided by Chambers of Agriculture advisors to farmers.
    • Bienvenue à la Ferme brings the Chambers’ skills in advising and supporting farmers on short food supply chains and agritourism to Crédit Agricole's customers through a wide range of activities and tools, including guides, turnkey communication tools, training and advice.

This partnership also aims to offer farmers who are members of the Bienvenue à la Ferme network the opportunity to increase their visibility channels, develop an attractive online profile and showcase their services (with e-storefront packs and Credit Agricole’s new e-tourism solution). There is a special focus on young farmers.

Created in 1988 by the French Chambers of Agriculture, the Bienvenue à la Ferme network and its 8,000 farmer members open their doors to visitors across France. Whether visitors wish to shop for food, enjoy a good meal in pleasant company, experience a farm stay or find out what a farmer’s work involves, Bienvenue à la Ferme promotes the richness of French agriculture by enabling guests to eat at farms year round with the "Mangez Fermier" offering or to prolong the experience through the "Vivez Fermier" farm stay activities. The network enables farmers to share with visitors the values ​​they hold dear: attentiveness, discovery, authenticity, quality, conviviality, attachment to their land and the desire to sustain and nurture it.

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