A global alliance to accelerate international trade and help businesses grow

The Trade Club Alliance, a global network of 14 partner banks that helps businesses trade globally, is officially launched in London today.

The first digital platform that helps businesses bolster global trade

The platform launched today by the Trade Club Alliance will help identify businesses that are looking to trade goods internationally and will provide insight on regulations and the business environment for the relevant countries. It will provide members with market information on more than 90 countries, serving as a conduit for trusted buyers and suppliers to connect with counterparts in markets around the world. 

This digital platform is available to trusted businesses and will fully cover sectors such as agriculture, machinery, textiles, chemicals, wood, plastics and metals.

Key benefits for businesses:

  • Efficiency: helps accelerate the exchange of goods and services by uncovering ideal trade partnership opportunities and then simplifies the transaction process;
  • Local support: the Alliance banks’ dedicated “Expert & Community Manager” teams are available to offer advice at all stages of exporting and importing activity and financing alternatives;
  • Set up abroad: information on over 90 countries;
  • State-of-the-art technologies: uses machine learning and cloud-based services with best-of-breed social networking capabilities, comprehensive content and corporate banking advisory.

Members of the Trade Club Alliance will be assigned a Business Card, where they can provide details of their business proposition, industry and overarching goals. In addition to the digital platform offering market insight, companies can seek advice on financial products that would suit their needs from their bank.

For Bertrand Corbeau, Deputy Managing Director of Crédit Agricole S.A. in charge of Development, Client and Innovation: “Expanding abroad is a major growth driver for most small and medium-sized businesses, but it is not always easy. The Trade Club Alliance facilitates their international development by connecting businesses seeking international and secured opportunities. This is an asset to secure their growth and identify trusted distributors, suppliers and clients.”


Fourteen partner banks covering key markets

The Trade Club Alliance comprises fourteen partner banks that cover some of the world’s most established and fast-growing markets, such as Europe, Africa, Latin America and South East Asia.

Crédit Agricole Group is the only French partner of the Trade Club Alliance. The platform is available free of charge to business customers of the Crédit Agricole regional banks and LCL.

In its new 2022 Medium Term Plan, Crédit Agricole announced its ambition to strengthen the international development of its midcap and SME customers, with the aim of becoming their strategic partner. The Group targets accelerating its growth on internationally active French firms.

The other partner banks are: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Attiijariwafa Group, Banco BPM, Banco Santander, Royal Bank of Canada, CIMB, Eurobank, KBC Group, Industrial Bank of Korea, MUFG, Nordea Group, Siam Commercial Bank and Standard Bank.

Created by Santander in 2015, the Trade Club Alliance is a unique global network of banks aiming to make international trade simpler and better. It offers an innovative digital platform, giving SMEs and corporate clients a wealth of relevant international trade expertise, tools and services, as well as the opportunity to connect with trusted partners in new markets. Partner banks currently cover over 65% of global trade corridors. And it is still expanding – the goal is to be everywhere clients’ businesses should be.