SODICA Corporate Finance helps the Gaucher family sell the Polyclinique Navarre and Polyclinique Marzet private hospitals to Groupe Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine

On 30 October 2020, the Gaucher family sold the Polyclinique de Navarre and Polyclinique Marzet private hospitals to Groupe Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine (GBNA), wholly owned by the Guichard family. The premises of Polyclinique de Navarre were sold to Icade Santé.

Groupe Gaucher, a family-owned group based in Pau and set up by Dr Jean-Louis Gaucher, was founded from the merger of the Ecot-Gaucher, Lagrange, Les Cigognes and Larrieu clinics in 2003 and from the acquisition of Polyclinique Marzet in 2013.

With over 20,000 surgical admissions, 8,000 chemotherapy sessions and nearly 1,400 births each year, Groupe Gaucher is the leading operator of private hospitals in the Béarn region. The Group offers strong specialisations, such as neurosurgery, genitourinary surgery, oncology and obstetrics.

In 2019, Groupe Gaucher successfully completed a structuring project that involved the building of a cutting-edge technical platform with 20 operating rooms and an outpatient clinic reconfigured to optimise the patient experience, in order to bring its surgery activities together in the Polyclinique de Navarre.

Following a competitive process led by SODICA Corporate Finance with a number of regional and nationwide healthcare groups expressing an interest, the Gaucher family decided in favour of the project put forward by GBNA, the real estate component of which is supported by Icade Santé.

Founded on the initiative of Guy-Paul Guichard in 1967, GBNA is a major family player in the private health sector in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and the leader in the Bordeaux area. The Group consists of 6 private hospitals (Polyclinique Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine, Polyclinique Bordeaux Rive Droite, polyclinique Bordeaux Caudéran, Nouvelle Clinique Bel Air, Clinique Ophtalmologique Thiers and Clinique d’Arcachon) and one residential care unit for senior citizens.

Thanks to this first acquisition outside the Gironde department, Groupe Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine demonstrates its willingness to play the role of a regional consolidator.


To complete this acquisition, GBNA worked in conjunction with Icade Santé who bought the premises of Polyclinique de Navarre. The leading investor in private healthcare property in France, Icade Santé, a subsidiary of Icade and institutional investors, owned a portfolio of 133 healthcare facilities at 31 September 2020.



Participants in the dossier:

Assignors: Gaucher family (Jean-Louis Gaucher- Chairman, Marie-France Gaucher – General Manager)

Buyer of the operating companies: GBNA (Guichard family, Philippe Cruette – General Manager, Michel Campagnari – Deputy Finance Officer)

Buyer of the premises of Polyclinique de Navarre: Icade Santé


Advisors to the Gauchet family:

M&A: SODICA Corporate Finance (Anne Sorlut James, Jean-Philippe Dayres, François Chauvel)

Financial VDD: EY (Marc-André Audisio, Hugo Primas, Nicolas de Bagneux, Baptiste Sulmont Guillon)

Legal: FIDAL (Anne Méhu, Pierre Saulnier)

Notary public: Office notarial du Soleil d’Orient (Marie-Caroline Riou)

Management consulting: EXAS Finance (Didier Cazenave)


Advisors to GBNA:

M&A: Société Générale (Christophe Pally, Sophie Larnaudie)

Financial auditing: ERECAPLURIEL (Thomas Fondevilla, Yousra​ Mazhouda, Anabelle Martins)

Legal: Villey Girard Grolleaud (Frédéric Grillier)


Advisors to Icade Santé:

Legal: De Pardieu Brocas Maffei (Alexandre Blestel, Benoit Menez)

Notary public: Etude Lasagues (Sophie Cascales, Charlotte Jarret)


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