Enhanced banking solutions and help with converting to click & collect: Crédit Agricole sets out to help its retail customers overcome the crisis.

Crédit Agricole group is firmly committed to helping its local retail customers, who are key players in the local economy and have been hit hard by renewed restrictions in this latest phase of the crisis. They will receive enhanced support nationwide in France and be offered digitisation solutions that enable them to enter the e-commerce arena.

Proactive and personalised support

Stepping up the efforts that began in the spring, the Crédit Agricole group's 9,400 specialised market advisors will proactively contact their retail customers individually to work with them to determine which solutions suit their cash needs.

Many of the facilities the banking industry currently provides are still underused and are readily available:

  • Government-backed loans with flexible repayment terms can be offered until 30 June 2021.
  • Loan deferrals will also be granted under personalised customer relations.
  • Retailers who have stopped trading during this period will have their electronic payment subscriptions refunded. 


Click & collect to ensure business continuity

To enable them to keep operating during the crisis and to help them adapt to new shopping habits in general, Crédit Agricole will help its retail customers go digital by working with them to: 

  • Grow click & collect (order on the web, collect in-store) or online sales plus delivery by setting up their own e-shop.
  • Make their e-stores more visible on their own national and regional websites, which have some of the highest visitor numbers in France.
  • Set up technology for remote or mobile payments (via payment links or mini bank card readers connected to a smartphone), at no extra cost.


To finance this switch to digital, Crédit Agricole will provide access to the €100 million in funding earmarked under the French government’s recovery plan.


How does it work?

To set up their own e-store and install a simple and secure payment system, Crédit Agricole customers can contact Crédit Agricole's e-commerce experts on the toll-free number 09 69 32 09 59 or on www.ca-moncommerce.com.


Since the start of the crisis, Crédit Agricole has been the number one organisation supporting the economy to assist all of its customers:

  • It has handled 27% of government-backed loan applications in France (189,900 professional and business customers, for a total of €29.5 billion).
  • It has granted 560,000 loan deferrals totalling €4.2 billion (data as of 16/10/2020).


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