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Énéal, the social healthcare property company, and Crédit Agricole Group are pleased to announce the signature of a EUR 152.5 million sustainable social loan to develop 10,500 housing units for senior citizens

Énéal, the social healthcare property company of Action Logement Group, announces the signing of a EUR 152.5 million social impact sustainable loan with the Crédit Agricole group. This financing will allow Énéal to pursue its socially responsible commitments by developing 10,500 housing units for senior citizens.

Énéal, the social healthcare property company, and Crédit Agricole Group are pleased to announce the signature of a EUR 152.5 million sustainable social loan  to develop 10,500 housing units for senior citizens

To meet the challenge of an ageing population, Énéal provides comprehensive housing solutions across France for the elderly who require nursing care. This 25-year, EUR 152.5 million sustainable social loan will allow Énéal to finance the acquisition and refurbishment of existing social healthcare facilities. The loan was agreed with Crédit Agricole Aquitaine, 15 Crédit Agricole regional banks, and with Crédit Agricole CIB as syndication and structuring agent.

This financing is part of Crédit Agricole group’s Societal Project, and in particular its commitment to provide easier access to healthcare and dignified ageing in all its territories.

Énéal supports the public and private not-for-profit social healthcare sector across France by offering a range of comfortable, modernised and affordable accommodation for the elderly. To achieve this, Énéal buys establishments (EHPAD and independent living residences) renovates, refurbishes, or rebuilds the projects. These general interest projects, tailored to the needs of the residents and offer access to city life, improve the quality of life of low-income residents, and have a high standard of working conditions for their professional care teams.

As a leader in housing for the elderly, Énéal provides comprehensive housing solutions for senior citizens who require nursing care. It has built its experience on 50 years of know-how in the management of independent living residences, with 30 years of expertise in building and managing EHPADs on behalf of its partners – managers in the not-for-profit sector – and 20 years of innovation within its facilities.

For Mario Bastone, Énéal’s General Manager, “This agreement is a major milestone in Énéal’s development. The loan, granted by 16 Crédit Agricole regional banks, will allow us to finance large-scale operations all over the country in close coordination with local authorities and social healthcare providers.”

Sandrine Kergosien, Director for Corporates and Specialized Markets within Crédit Agricole Aquitaine, adds: “I am very happy to support this project, which is important to us and for which we are well aligned in terms of values, such as social usefulness, the environment and decarbonisation. I am delighted that the Crédit Agricole group was able to mobilize and create great synergies in line with the Group's ambitions in terms of healthcare and ageing.”

Credit Agricole is the French economy’s leading financier and one of the top banking operators in Europe. As a leader in retail banking in Europe, the Group is also the leading European asset manager, the first bank insurer in Europe, and the third largest European operator in project financing.

On the strength of its cooperative and mutual insurance foundations, its 147,000 employees and 27,000 administrators of local and regional banks, Crédit Agricole Group is a responsible, useful bank, serving 53 million clients, 11.2 million mutual shareholders and 800,000 individual shareholders.

Thanks to its universal retail banking model – the close association between its retail banks and the business lines that are connected to them – Crédit Agricole Group is assisting its customers with their projects in France and around the world in day-to-day banking, housing and consumer loans, savings, insurance, asset management, real estate, leasing, factoring, lending, and investment.

In serving the economy, Crédit Agricole is also distinguished by its dynamic and innovative corporate social responsibility policy. It is based on a pragmatic approach that runs through the entire Group and puts each employee into action.

Énéal is the social healthcare property company of the Action Logement group. It owns more than 150 facilities (Ehpad, independent living residences, intergenerational residences, etc.) and offers players in the public and not-for-profit social healthcare sector the opportunity to acquire the buildings of their facilities and to finance ambitious construction, renovation and refurbishment projects. Working closely with managers, Énéal innovates by developing new social healthcare facilities that are open to city life in order to help integrate the elderly. As a specialist in housing for the elderly, Énéal helps define Action Logement group's ageing strategy by providing its expertise to social property owners on these issues and, more specifically, on detecting fragility, prevention, home improvements that allow residents to remain in their homes and make their lives easier. In this way, Énéal is committed to reinventing housing for the elderly.

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