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Crédit Agricole, the first French retail bank to receive and renew ISO certification for its anti-corruption system

Crédit Agricole Group has successfully renewed its international ISO 37001 certification for its system to fight fraud.

Crédit Agricole, the first French retail bank to receive and renew ISO certification for its anti-corruption system

The ISO 37001 certification was awarded to Crédit Agricole in 2016 by Euro Compliance[1] and recognises the Group’s determination and the quality of its fraud prevention programme. It certifies that corruption risks have been identified and analysed and that the programme applied by Crédit Agricole is designed to limit these different risks by applying international best practices.

The ISO 37001 certification covers all the Crédit Agricole Group businesses in France and abroad as well as its 147,000 employees and 53 million customers.

Crédit Agricole Group has adopted an Ethics Charter which applies to all Group players (administrators, executives and employees) and aims to:

  • protect the interests of customers
  • fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism 
  • respect international sanctions 
  • fight against corruption
  • prevent fraud
  • protect market integrity.

For Martine Boutinet, Crédit Agricole S.A. Compliance Director, “This certification demonstrates the Group's commitment to placing compliance, ethics and the fight against corruption at the heart of its development.”

  1. ^ [1] Euro Compliance is a certification and training organisation specialising in the fight against corruption

Credit Agricole is the French economy's leading financier and one of the top banking operators in Europe. As a leader in retail banking in Europe, the Group is also the leading European asset manager, the first bank insurer in Europe, and the third largest European operator in project financing.

On the strength of its cooperative and mutual insurance foundations, its 147,000 employees and more than 30,000 administrators of local and regional banks, Crédit Agricole Group is a responsible, useful bank, serving 53 million clients, 11.2 million mutual shareholders and 800,000 individual shareholders.

Thanks to its universal retail banking model – the close association between its retail banks and the business lines that are connected to them – Crédit Agricole Group is assisting its customers with their projects in France and around the world in day-to-day banking, housing and consumer loans, savings, insurance, asset management, real estate, leasing, factoring, lending, and investment.

In serving the economy, Crédit Agricole is also distinguished by its dynamic and innovative corporate social responsibility policy. It is based on a pragmatic approach that runs through the entire Group and puts each employee into action.

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