Crédit Agricole launches “green” loans

In the spirit of its commitments in favour of the climate and energy transition, Crédit Agricole is offering new personal loans to support its clients in environmentally-friendly consumption.

Crédit Agricole launches “green” loans

Crédit Agricole, the French economy’s largest financier, is progressively rolling out new consumer loan offers for private clients, in its Regional Banks, to finance “cleaner” vehicles or energy saving renovations to individual homes:

  • 0% Conversion premium loan

Crédit Agricole offers an interest-free loan until the conversion premium becomes available. This is an advance on the premium individuals and professionals will be receiving from the government for purchasing cleaner vehicles. These loans can be taken out without an additional car loan.

      • 0% Crédit Agricole loan,
      • No application fees and no bank guarantees
      • From €1,000 to €5,000,
  • “Ready-to-Use Green” Car and Construction
      • Crédit Agricole Loan at 1.50% APR
      • No application fees
      • From €1,500 to €50,000
      • 12- to 48-month term loans (higher rates for terms beyond 48 months)
      • Construction loan: for primary or secondary residences or rental properties.
  • Special offer on PACIFICA Automobile Insurance
      • 3 months of insurance free for all clients benefiting from the conversion premium (even if they do not opt for Crédit Agricole’s premium pre-financing offer)
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