Crédit Agricole is a new patron of the European Garden Event

Crédit Agricole is reaffirming its commitment to protecting nature in cities by becoming a patron of the European Garden Event, which showcases the most beautiful gardens across Europe.

Crédit Agricole is committed to protecting nature in cities

By becoming a patron of the European Garden Event, Crédit Agricole is furthering its support for the promotion of green open spaces, which facilitate social relationships and foster culture, biodiversity and well-being in our local regions.

Crédit Agricole group is already a partner of the European Heritage Days, and by adding its support to this event, it is stepping up its action to protect both our man-made and our natural heritage.

A cultural event across France

Over 2,300 gardens will open to the public for the European Garden Event. The event is organised by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, and it attracts nearly 1.8 million visitors each year. This year’s event will be held from Friday 1 June to Sunday 3 June and is based on the theme “European Year of Cultural Heritage.”


The European Garden Event is one of the key pillars of Crédit Agricole’s patronage policy, which aims to be useful to local regions. With its Foundations, partnerships with associations and its contribution to charity funds, Crédit Agricole group supports those committed to promoting culture, solidarity and the environment.


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