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COVID-19 : 500,000 elderly people have benefited from Crédit Agricole’s €20 million solidarity fund

# Helping older people


On 8 April, Crédit Agricole launched a solidarity fund to finance essential measures to protect the elderly and help them stay in touch with their loved ones.

At the end of June, nearly 500,000 elderly people throughout the country had received support from Crédit Agricole through the €20 million solidarity fund.

COVID-19 : 500,000 elderly people have benefited from Crédit Agricole’s €20 million solidarity fund

To help caregivers protect themselves in order to protect the elderly, 180,000 home care aides were provided with personal protective equipment: masks, gloves, gel, etc.

To help the elderly stay in touch with their loved ones and access remote services, nearly 10,500 tablets and 2,700 Wifi stations are also being distributed to 2,200 facilities (care homes, retirement homes and convalescent homes) throughout France.

The fund has also financed nearly 1,100 projects organised in local communities to assist older people during the public health crisis.


For Dominique Lefebvre, Chairman of Fédération nationale du Crédit Agricole and Crédit Agricole S.A.: “The elderly are the most at risk. Whether in a care home or their own home, they need our support and care now more than ever. With this €20 million fund launched at the height of the pandemic, we wanted to help caregivers working in care facilities or providing in-home care to protect themselves so they can protect the elderly. We also set the objective of working to reduce the feelings of isolation and solitude, which the elderly no doubt experienced more deeply than others during the lockdown period and that they continue to experience today. After two months of implementation, the initial results give concrete meaning to our commitment.”


These interim figures are set to rise further as the initiative to support elderly people continues over the next few weeks. This fund is managed by the Crédit Agricole Solidarity and Development Foundation.

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